When specific cases of trafficking situations arise we fight alongside law officials and other organizations in order to remove victims from slavery situations in accordance with UN anti-trafficking laws.


This is the key to human trafficking prevention.  The more we can educate every individual, the more tools society has to fight this injustice.  We provide awareness workshops and curriculum to different groups throughout Morocco.


We have established a crisis transition home that serves as a center of learning and creativity for at-risk or trafficked women and girls in the Moroccan community. This safe space, is a place where they can experience love, receive hope through mentorship and counseling and learn how to support themselves and their families.


In order to bring accurate awareness and offer appropriate and proper aid to the victims, relevant research must be conducted and surfaced. Along with collecting and distilling existing research data provided by the UN, US State Department, and other anti-trafficking organizations, we conduct comprehensive surveys that expose the actual situation along with cultural perceptions of trafficking.


The most at risk population is teenage girls who have somehow fallen outside of the protective influence of their families. Raising awareness through research, working alongside courts, and educating those who are trafficked for gainful productive employment, all contribute to shifting the culture and thus preventing this harmful cycle from even starting.