Help B finish Highschool Education

You can provide funding for “B” to complete her equivalent high school degree and in doing so, provide a safe environment for girls, who have been or are at-risk of human trafficking, to achieve an education and change their vulnerability. This gives a vision of freedom, dignity, and possibilities to young women who have so few rights.  It enables her to reach her potential and be an enriching influence in her society and define what is possible.  Your gift of $50 will cover the cost of books, tutors and school supplies for “B.”

Hear From B About Her Education:
Why is education important to you?
“Education is important to me because it is what builds the character of a person and brings awareness to ignorance.”
What are your dreams?
“My dreams are take ahold of my future, to have a good job, be stable and make my own salary and support myself so that I don’t have to depend on someone else’s handouts, but can stand alone on my own feet.”


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