What is Freecember?

Beauty For Ashes is excited to be launching our FREEcember campaign this month! But you may be wondering, what exactly is FREEcember?

FREEcember is all about FREEDOM in the month of December; it’s one month of focused fundraising for anti-human trafficking and anti-modern slavery nonprofits. This month-long invitation is for more people to donate to anti-trafficking charities everywhere—so, of course, Beauty For Ashes is participating!

This year, we have set an ambitious goal: Beauty For Ashes hopes to raise $20,000 to start a medical fund for the girls in our home.

Currently, we don’t have any sort of medical fund, which means we pay out of our own pockets when the girls need medical help. This fund would help us cover the costs for lab testing, doctor appointments, prescriptions, mental health needs, and various emergencies that arise unexpectedly.

Currently, we’ve raised $3,285. If you’d like to donate, click here.

Here are a few other ways you can get involved with FREEcember:

  1. Find a team to join to help Beauty For Ashes raise more funds.
  2. Create your own challengeand/or build a team. A challenge can be anything you’ve been wanting to do lately, such as give up coffee, feed the homeless, spend less time on your phone, etc. The options are endless!
  3. Like Beauty For Ashes on Facebookand Instagram, then share our posts about FREEcember!

Walk For Freedom

On October 19, 2019 the largest global effort to bring awareness to human trafficking occurred!

In 2017 I was invited to bring the Walk For Freedom to one of the countries in North Africa.

What is the Walk For Freedom? It's is an annual walk that brings awareness to the issue of human trafficking to countries all over the world!  A21 started this movement and it is incredible to see the impact around the world it has to shedding light on such a dark subject to all corners of the globe.

I was honored to try and make this happen! I made incredible progress in the accomplishing that goal when only given one month to do it!  Keep in mind things don't move at the same pace in North Africa as they do in western culture, so progress in one month for such a big goal was a huge success!  During the process, I was able to meet many officials who were encouraging of such a work that included a very sensitive and shameful subject like Human Trafficking.

One of the road blocks to actually seeing the walk for freedom take place was that A21 was not an official organization in the country, and therefore couldn't be given permission to launch such an event.  Because of this hindrance, another government official encouraged me to start an organization there that could begin fighting this injustice!  I was surprised by the encouragement because typically slavery is very touchy subject.

That suggestion launched me into a very prayerful time of what should the next steps be.  Not getting permission to do the walk was disappointing but the process opened doors to something entirely unexpected and potentially more impactful.  I decided to contact an old friend who I knew had a heart to fight human trafficking as I did.  When I called her to tell her about all of the progress, she excitedly told me she was back in North Africa and launching a transition home for girls to prevent human trafficking!!  As we talked we reminded each other of our shared passion, and she asked if I would consider joining the team.

That was how I became part of Beauty For Ashes and this incredible mission to combat slavery in North Africa, and restore beauty and dignity to all humanity!

Check out this year's Walk for Freedom: Global walk to end human trafficking reaches millions: 'Slavery still exists'