We are launching a new opportunity for you to JOIN the FIGHT!

You can now sponsor a girl in our Transition Home, to protect her from being at-risk to Human Trafficking, and living on the streets of North Africa.

It is estimated that 40.3 million people are trapped in Human Trafficking today.
👶Of these millions of victims, 25 percent are children,
👩‍👩75 percent are female, and
🔨81 percent are trapped in some form of forced labor

According to Department of Defense Human Trafficking is the fastest growing crime. Sex-trafficking alone generates an estimated $99 million per year!

You can stop this horror for young girls!


With your help one girl can:

  • Have a Safe Place to Live and Grow!
  • Have food and learn to cook for herself and the home!
  • Finish her Education!
  • Receive weekly Counseling!
  • Have the mentorship of two devoted House Mom’s!
  • Help finding a safe Job!
  • Help Transitioning safely and Independently into Society!
  • Gain genuine friendships!
  • Learn to live in a community of Trust!