Spreading Awareness

Being aware makes all the difference. If you know more about human trafficking then we will no longer be able to say slavery was something that happened years ago.
We can all have a role to end slavery. If you know more, there will be no more.

Victims of trafficking are often re-trafficked even after being rescued. This is why prevention is so important. “Where re-trafficking occurs, it is not uncommon for it to be to a different destination or for a different purpose of exploitation on each occasion” (International Organization of Migration). According to the UNODC Global Report on Trafficking in Persons, 30% of human trafficking victims are children.

What can you do to get involved? Spread awareness! Do you have a group of friends or family or people who meet together? Maybe a youth group, camp, retreat, community group, or organization? Invite a BFA staff member to come and speak about human trafficking this summer or fall! Or even simpler, share you newfound knowledge on your favorite social media platforms!

Grooming for Human Trafficking?

Have you heard the term Grooming for human trafficking?

It’s not like going to the Spa for a self-care day. It is a process used by the perpetrator to achieve complete control over someone’s identity and sexual boundaries by force, fraud or coercion.

Most victims don’t realize they are being groomed, until they are already under the perpetrator’s control.

Why does this matter? Prevention is the key to stop human trafficking. If we can identify when people are being groomed, we can stop the control before it begins, we can prevent the trauma, we can keep people Free.


Hope. It is why we are doing all that we can, because we have hope that these girls can have a secure future. That their hardships and struggles can be traded for Beauty. That each one of them is worth it

Your involvement in this ministry not only gives at-risk girls in Morocco a safe place to live but this opens the door for them to dream about a ✨bright future, a future the never expected to exist. Now, they can dream, they can hope again.

Hope is a powerful thing, and you don’t realize it until it’s not safe to hope anymore. We are so grateful for those who partner with us providing hope again to girls who have had it stripped away for so long.