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Human trafficking and exploitation can continue to exist only as long as society turns a blind eye. The first step in joining the fight is to refuse to ignore injustice. Educate yourself by learning about the current laws and measures combatting trafficking that exist in your society.

Beauty For Ashes holds awareness campaigns and workshops to equip all sectors of society with the knowledge of how to identify traffickers and what to do about them.


Traffickers manipulate and coerce through the telling of lies. We liberate and empower through the telling of truths.

A society’s most precious resource is its people, and we cannot afford to have our young girls believing their value has a price tag or that a job in a distant land, for which they have no skills, offers them a hope for their future.


Beauty for Ashes seeks to teach at-risk girls and provide for them so that they can continue their education and learn skills for gainful, productive employment.

We also ensure that their physical and emotional needs are met through safe housing. Through the nurture and care of responsible adults, they may grow into women who are confident of their value and worth, thus minimizing a trafficker’s ability to deceive and manipulate them into slavery.


While prevention is the goal, the harsh reality is that girls and women are trafficked and exploited everyday.

But we believe that there is hope! We provide a place for these girls to heal and be restored to the full and dignified members of society that they were created to be and seek to partner with law enforcement and other organizations that fight to rescue victims.

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